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A Conversation With My Home & Auto Insurance Guy

I recently had a conversation with my home and auto insurance guy, Jerry Pascale, with Elite Insurance Services, here in Omaha.  He is an independent insurance agent.  This means he has access to coverage with numerous insurance companies so he can shop for the best coverage and rates for his clients.   Jerry shared that several of their insurance companies

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Struggling With Medicare or Medicaid?

Navigating Medicare and Medicaid can be challenging.  There are numerous requirements for income, documentation and need.  Knowing about the benefits and programs and how they can be utilized together, is understandably confusing and overwhelming. There is no need to struggle through this on your own.  Getting help from a professional is wise.  They are extensively trained in the specifics of

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Spring Cleaning? Here’s A Shower Cleaning Tip!

I don’t know anyone who thinks cleaning the shower out is a fun job.  Our Nebraska water can be a real challenge; even with a softener.  Here is a shower cleaning technique that works really well on the hard water deposits.   It only takes 2 ingredients and it is likely you already have them on hand; Dawn dishwashing soap

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also known as Obamacare, certainly changed the landscape when it comes to health insurance.  For many, the plans that are available on the marketplace ( have been very helpful to those qualifying for significant subsidies.  However, for people that do not qualify for the subsidies, the marketplace plans are very costly. Originally, the ACA required

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Transitioning From Homeownership To Renting

It is becoming more popular for people to make the transition from homeownership to a rental situation such as an independent or assisted living community, an apartment or partial year rentals for snow birding.  Recently, I met with Melissa McMurray who is with Farm Bureau Financial Services.  I asked her to share what we need to know about securing our

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Happy 60th Birthday to Motown!

The power of music is amazing.  One minute we can be right here in February 2019 then a song comes on.  Memories come out of the archives; bringing us back to a space in time when that song or genre was an integral part of our life. We remember where we were, what we were doing and who we were with.

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Turn Food Prep into Special Memories

Many of us have childhood memories of watching or helping someone in our lives do tasks related to food.  I remember helping with my Grandma’s garden and watching her “put up” vegetables. In her pantry, there were rows of canning jars filled with vegetables.  I specifically remember she and I sitting in the family room watching “her shows”; both of

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I’ve Retired but I Can’t Enroll in Medicare Until I Begin Collecting Social Security

False!  Many people want to put off collecting social security so they can receive the highest benefit.  This does not keep one from enrolling in Medicare.  At 65, Medicare is available to enroll in.  If you or a spouse is still working, you may decide to continue to take advantage of an employer health plan but the option is still

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Don’t Risk Unexpected Out Of Pocket Costs

Now that we are into a new year, it is quite possible that you may have made a change in some aspect of your health insurance. Maybe your employer changed insurance companies. Maybe you chose a different Medicare plan or pharmacy plan. Maybe you didn’t make any changes.   However, it is not unusual for there to be administrative changes that

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